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Bell Tower of Notre-Dame Basilica (Montreal), called "Temperance" and housing a ten-bell carillon, Notre-Dame Basilica (Montreal) is finally completed. Gradually, the city's harbour facilities expand. 184018 The Act of Union combines Lower Canada and Upper Canada. 1847 November Death of John Easton Mills, mayor of Montreal, as he tends the sick in the fever sheds 184748 In all, between 3,500 and 6,000 Irish immigrants die of the Typhus epidemic of 1847 at Windmill Point. 1648 The first white child is born in Ville Marie, Barbe Meusnier, on November. 1893 Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal established. Questa galleria in particolare è dedicata a esposizioni temporanee. 1611 Saint Helen's Island is named by Samuel de Champlain in honour of his wife. 1967 Saint Joseph's Oratory completed.

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It is completed in 1823 and partially rebuilt in 1863 after a fire as a preventive measure against an eventual American attack. 1824 Recollet Convent opens as a school for Irish children. 1821 The British garrison starts the construction of the Fort de l'Île Sainte-Hélène. 1886 Dominion Bridge Company founded. 1854 July Six Nations Indians offer to fight the Queen's enemies anywhere 1854 July 20 The first stone of the Victoria Bridge across the. Invasion of Canada (1775) ; Montreal capitulates to the Americans on November. 1759 In August, Francis de Gaston, Chevalier de Levis is sent to protect Montreal from a British advance. 1945 Radio Canada International launched. 1958 Queen Elizabeth Hotel completed. 1883 First winter carnival in Montreal.


Tattooed Babe Anna De Ville Getting Hammered. 1860 May Crystal Palace built for the Montreal Industrial Exhibition of 1860. 1899 October 30 The First Canadian Contingent of the Boer War sets sail to South Africa on the SS Sardinian of the Allan Line, bearing Canada's initial" of fighting men, including the men of "E Company" of Montreal. Maisonneuve grants the first concession outside the fortifications to Jeanne Mance so that she could build Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal ; work begins on it on October 8, 1645. 1949 Iron Ore Company of Canada founded. 17, deforestation along the riverbank is advanced enough that the opening of a road along the lake, from La Présentation to the tip of the Île de Montréal, is decreed. 1847 Telegraph service between Montréal and Toronto, between Montréal and Quebec City, and between Montréal and New York City established. Edit Jeanne Mance, Maisonneuve Monument 1634 Trois-Rivières founded by Sieur de Laviolette. 164142 The colonists spend the winter at St Michel, near Sillery. 1948 Lachine Museum founded. 166675 Fort Saint -Jean built. 1890 Sanctuaire du Saint -Sacrement built. 1906 First demonstration of a zeppelin in Montreal. 1843 Montreal Police Service established on March. 1858 Formation of the Royal Canadian Regiment. 1648 The Iroquois invade Huronia and wipe out most of the Hurons and French missionaries living in the territory. 1967 La Ronde (amusement park) opens in April. 1775 August 21 Generals Hon Yost Schuyler and Richard Montgomery, with 1,000 Americans come to Canada and invite the inhabitants to rebel. 1876 Mount Royal Park opened. Patrick's rencontre beurette arras Day, March. Lawrence Valley for France. La mostra è pensata per lintero periodo delle commemorazioni, che si concluderanno a fine del 2018. 1860 August 25 Opening of the Victoria Railway Bridge.

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